Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Owen Gunnar - February

This kid is so lovable! He is so easy going and chill with anything! He has the best smile and the most contagious laugh!
Lounging with Mom, he does this often! He is my little buddy!
Some funny phrases he seems to say often are, "It's not working," "It's broken," "Watch this," "I Love You," "Come on," "Mommy is my favorite," "Daddy is a stinker," "Help Me," and many more! He is a talking machine!
He has a cute fake laugh, plus an adorable giggle that we hear often! He loves going to hotels and pushing the elevator buttons and swimming! He gives the best kisses, even with the kissy noise! He is starting to get more possessive  with things, always saying "my" this or "mine" this! He is not stubborn and easy to negotiate with!
Seriously he is so easy going and chill with anything! If you get hurt you jump back up and act like nothing happened or cry for a second and then move on! He sing's a lot, like the Paw Patrol theme song, I Am A Child of God, Choose the Right, Elena of Avalor theme song and many more!
Drinking milk with Ellie, he loves his milk!
He loves to pull up Mom's shirt and blow raspberries on my stomach, say HI to baby sister and lay on it! He loves treats and opening them up himself! Any flavored drink is "juice" to him! He runs really well and really fast! 
He loves being outside!
He loves doing what the big kids do! He loves playing with Luna and teasing her! He is full of energy and life! He is always happy and gives big smiles!
He is a great eater!
He gives us big smiles, sad faces, surprise faces, mad faces and he does it all while laughing!
Loves his binky!
Mr. funny boy!
Loves watching shows!
Blonde, blonde hair!
Loves his treats!
These 4 are all 2 months apart!
Loves baths and showers!
Love that smile!
Loves to play!
He is all boy!

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