Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Owen Gunnar - September

This funny kid is full of it! He loves to tease, loves to play, loves to play with the big kids and he loves to snuggle and hang with Mom and Dad! He is brave, friendly, has a huge smile and a big heart!
Dentist visit!
Taking a break from the kids!
Couldn't even make it to his bed! To tired!
Hanging with Mom at work!
Someone climbed into Grandma's tub and turned it on, fully dressed and all!
Snuggling with Ellie at the football game!
Mowing the lawn with Grandma!
Watching soccer with the girls!
Fell asleep watching the phone with Treyson!
Getting his face painted!
So tired from go go going all the time!
Making messes is what he does best!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baylee Lou - September

So this cute, sassy, wanting treats all the time girl started dance and loves it! We put her in the drill clinic and she really loved that! She performed at the football game and it was so cute!
Ready to dance at halftime!
1st day of preschool! She attends the Enterprise Elementary Preschool with Mrs. Hunt as her teacher!
Such a cutie!
Dentist visit!
Seriously she is so so so cute!
She loves being outside!
Love her smile!
Face painting!
Dancing at the football game!
She seriously is such a cute dancer!
This is her sassy pose!
She dances around the house constantly! She loves school! 
With her dance clinic group!
She is the best help! She loves her little sister! She can whine but she can also be so sweet!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Carter McKay - September

We love this loud, crazy, smart, full of life kid!
Dentist trip!
First karate class, he was stoked!
Handsome and ready for school which he loves!
This kid absolutely loves to read!
Face painting!
He could read like 3 hours straight!
Excited Mom said yes to movie night!
Homework! He loves doing his homework too!
He goes goes goes!

Brother/Sister Love - July-Sept.

These kids have a great relationship! I love watching them interact and play with each other! With Camille so new and little she is definitely the favorite, the kids are always coming in and checking on her, giving her kisses and saying Hi!
Lyndon and Owen playing cars with Millie! 
Eating ice cream out on the swing!
They love family dinner at grandma's house!
Owen trying not to fall asleep while they watch a show!
Playing in the rain!
Oh these two are cute!
Max time!
Napping with Dad!
Family bike ride!
Everyone loves Grandpa's chair!
Soccer Practice, this may be one of those times they don't always get along! Baylee did not want Carter to touch her!
Owen always wants to hold Millie!
First soccer game!
Baylee doesn't leave this girl alone!
Raspberry picking!
Laughing sisters!
Bounce house fun!
Sharing a corndog!
Every once in a while Owen will sneak downstairs after we put Camille to bed and sneak in bed with her! Wakes her up of course!
Seriously love these faces!
Taking a ride to get sno cones with Grandpa Jones!
Love how these two walk together into school!
More playing in the rain!
I think Millie is as big as him but he doesn't care!
Silly kids!
They stole grandma's phone!
Owen found a tarantula!
Reading books!
Watching General Conference in Mom's room!
Owen did not want to dress up like a princess!
Pretending to be scared!
Waiting for the parade!
Spending time with Dad!
These two have a special bond!
So Carter and Baylee got on this kick that if they didn't sleep together they would have nightmares! They have been sleeping together ever since, don't worry we got them a bigger bed!
Scripture snuggles!
Playtime while Mom showers!
Snuggles while Mom folds clothes!
Trying to wake up the kids for school!
Running through the sprinklers!
Movie Night in Mom's room!
All Smiles!
Sunday ready!
Baylee thinks she is big! Carries Camille around like a doll!
Train building!
My babies!
These two talk and talk! Bedtime can be hard!