Thursday, December 7, 2017

Isaac's Home - SLC Airport

I can't believe this day finally came!
Elder Wallin with the group of Elders he flew out with and the last picture in the mission home before they headed home! Isaac is in the green tie!
Ghana, Africa Accra West Mission
So originally Isaac was supposed to fly into St. George but wouldn't be arriving until 10 p.m., he would land in SLC at 1 p.m., which meant we could pick him up from the airport and have him home before his flight landed in St. George so that is why we decided to pick him up in SLC! Plus we made a fun trip from it!
Walking to the international section of the airport!
My Mom had these cool shirts made! We all had them and they were awesome! Plus you couldn't miss us!
The front said: You've Been Ghana Long Time
Back: African Ghana Hug You
Trying to patiently wait!
Grandma, Stockton, Samantha, Baylee, Ellie, Owen, Carter and Scott
Carter, Baylee, Ellie, Owen and McKay
The whole clan waiting for Uncle Z!
Grandpa, Grandma, Samantha, Stockton, Ellie, Baylee, Scott, Carter, McKay, Owen, Camille and Amanda
Getting bugged with us because we kept teasing her about Isaac walking in!
We are all so so so excited!
She was so excited she was spitting up on everything!
Grandpa trying to get his parents pointed in the right direction!
Grandma and Grandpa Wallin, Isaac was their only grandson to serve a mission! Proud Grandparents!
Trying to keep the kids entertained!
McKay showing the kids that his flight had landed!
Finally getting closer!
It was hard to watch other missionaries coming off and still waiting for ours!
Sister time!
He finally walked in! I don't think their was a dry eye!
Oh my world he looks so good and a little more mature!
Grandpa's turn!
Meeting Stockton for the 1st time! Obviously Stockton really loved him!
Carter was definitely the most excited out of my kids! He loves Uncle Isaac and has always had a great relationship with him!
Owen was almost 3 months old when he left and it took a few hours for him to warm up!
It took Ellie a little time as well!
Oh dang this was such a happy day!
Giving Grandpa and Grandma Wallin a good hug!
Ellie trying again and still isn't sure!
One of the Elders Isaac flew out with got to know pretty well!
His first mission president!
Elder Goodrich, Mission President and Elder Wallin
More hugs for Mom!
LOVE this family and this pic beyond words!
4 suitcases and a backpack!
Elder Wallin meeting Camille for the first time!
Isaac had to go to the bathroom and McKay decided he needed his "companion" to tag along!
Afterwards Elder Wallin wanted steak so we headed to a steakhouse before the trip home!
Finally HOME!
Ghana will always have a special place in our hearts!
Finally seeing the Wallin nieces and nephews!
Wallin nieces and nephews!
More loving on Camille!
Welcome Home Elder Wallin!