Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Bowl - Gunlock

Beth came out for a short time for a friend's wedding and we were able to do some fun things while she was visiting! We headed down to Gunlock and hiked The Bowl! It was an awesome hike and we even saw a snake!
The hiking group!
Owen and Bethany
Climbing up the mountainside!
Grandma, Kyli, Camille and I looking down at the kids in the bowl!
Owen and Madden being tough and climbing up all by themselves!
Kayden, Owen, McKinley and Baylee
The sand was a little hard to climb through especially when it filled up your shoes!
Baylee and McKay
Found some tadpoles in a little pond of water!
Taking a break!
Kayden and Owen they are best buds!
Almost to the top!
Looking down in!
Some of the clan hiking down in the Bowl!
Made it down! With the snake!
Owen, Beth, Lance, Lyndon, Kayden, McKay, McKinley, Carter, Baylee, Kyle, Treyson and Kelli
Such beauty all around us!
Love all these people!
Such a great hike! Highly recommended!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

...Dinosaur Museum...

After state softball and some devastating losses we headed to Thanksgiving Point to see the Museum of Ancient History!
Carter and Owen loved it, they are both obsessed with dinosaurs!
They had a blast seeing all the dinosaurs!
Playing in the sand and water table!
Burying dinosaurs!
Owen called this dinosaur his pet!
Grandma took a ride with the two pals!
Carter was pretty amazed how many teeth their were!
Owen wanted to climb up every dinosaur!
More water fun!
The kids enjoyed the museum! We hit lunch afterwards and then headed home!

Park Fun

A little park fun as weather warms up and school is coming to an end!
Owen wants to do everything the big kids do! He thinks he is big too!
Dad needed to help a little!
Obstacle course!

"The Spider Web"
Choo Choo Train
Then Dad bailed!
Swings, they would be on here all day if they could!