Monday, March 27, 2017

Baylee Lou - Jan.

This girl loves to be independent! She wants to do everything Carter does and more! She is full of sass, spunk,  and attitude! She adores her daddy and loves to play, play, play!
She is very motherly! Getting more motherly the closer baby sister gets to making her debut!
She loves her cousins!
She loves preschool and does tons of fun things!
She loves to make people happy!
She has the sweetest smile and big beautiful brown eyes!
She knows how to be super silly and has the cutest giggle!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Carter McKay - Jan.

Carter loves school, loves his friends, loves playing and exploring and just really loves life! 
Always playing right up until it is time to go to church!
Centers at Kindergarten!
A little nervous to walk on the ice at the reservoir!
Being silly before bed!
Love his big smile!
This kid is really great! He is a helper, so lovable and always willing to give his Mom loves and kisses! Never embarrassed by me!
Love you Carterman!

Monday, March 20, 2017

...January Snow Fun...

Well there was still some snow so we bundled up the kids and headed down to the wash and did some sledding and building snowmen!
Ellie and Owen going for a spin!
Luna chased them the whole way down!

Our awesome snowman!
Goofy kids!
Loving all this snow!
Helping the kids get the balls up and a tall, tall snowman!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Owen Gunnar - December

This month started out with a bang, literally!
Owen was playing downstairs with his brother and sister, they were all racing down the hallway, while 2 were racing the other would sit on the table and watch! Of course Mom kept telling them to stop because someone was going to get hurt! Sure enough Owen climbed onto the table and as Baylee and Carter were running down the hall they knocked into it and Owen fell backwards into an elliptical, hit a screw and gashed his head open!
Luckily for us we have the best nurse around, Grandma W, she meet us at the clinic and she cleaned it up and looked at it! He could have used stitches but he only would have got about 3 or 4 so we opted out and did superglue instead! He also got a nice goose ache on the side of his eye!
He did really well for grandma and was thrilled to have a sucker in the end!
Silly boy has been coming in the bathroom as I get ready in the morning and takes a rest on the bath mat!

He drinks non stop all day!
Sunday snooze with Dad!
Playing hide and seek with the kids!
Enjoying his new ball pit!
Owen loves Luna! He is not scared of her at all! Teases her lots and loves when Luna will play back with him!
Loading up the zoo train!
Love his big smile and blonde hair!
Still loves his milk!
Fell asleep watching a movie in Mom's room!
Playing tug a war with Luna!
Those two are gonna be the best of friends!
Owen has really enjoyed taking showers lately! Anytime you have your shirt off or just a diaper on you will go tell everybody that you are "nakie, nake"! You love being naked!
You still hate getting your bum changed or clothes put on or off! You love being outside, going for rides and watching movies!
You are a great eater, you literally eat anything that we put in front of you! You are funny, such a tease, you love making people laugh and love laughing at yourself!
You still love your binky and milk! You love singing, "Let It Go", "Moana", and "I am a Child of God"!
You love Mommy! you love playing with Carter and Baylee, when they will let you! You tend to mess things up! You love your grandparents! All of them! You are a talker!
Some of your most popular phases are: "Right Here", "Love You", "Not Working", "I Luv U", "Thank You", "That's Funny", "No", "See Ya", "Mommy My Favorite", "I Nakie Nake", and "Shower Please"!
You climb onto everything, you are very brave! You love trains, trucks, tractors, fire trucks and airplanes! You love treats! When we say smile you always give the biggest cheeser grin!
You still like to shake your body when you hear music! You are always so happy, full of life and such a sweet nice boy!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Baylee Lou - December

This girl can not wait for her baby sister to come! She is so motherly and loves to help and hold baby Stockton! I don't know if Mom will be able to do anything!
Loving on baby Stockton!
Movie Night in Mom and Dad's room! This is the kids favorite night!
She loves loves loves Daddy!

Sometimes we fall asleep in weird places!
Or we are just wearing her out!
Helping Dad put her Christmas present together!
At the basketball games and the drill team let her try on one of their uniforms!
Grinch Day at school! She dressed up as Cindy Lou Who!
This girl is perfectionist, sassy, has major attitude, sweet, lovable and loves to be independent! She may be a handful when she gets older but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Carter McKay - December

Kids! They are the best! This one is getting big and fast! He is learning so so much in school and he is such a big helper and so so sweet! He can be a pickle and a stinker but the good far outweighs the bad! 
Holding Stockton!
Riding the mall train!
Polar Express Party! Carter is on the right side of the table, second seat!
Left side of the table, third row!
Getting his ticket!
Carter loves school and gets so excited to go!
Christmas concert!
We must have been wearing him out this month! He found him asleep several times, usually reading!
This kid loves movies and shows! He loves to read! He loves TMNT, Lion Guard, Avengers and Paw Patrol! He is great at using his imagination and loves to go go go!