Monday, September 10, 2018

-Carter's Basketball Season-

Carter was able play basketball this winter and he learned a lot! He really enjoyed playing for his Dad and with his friends and really improved his skill!
Lining up for tip-off!
Listening to coach!
Bringing down the ball!
We love watching this kid play!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Camille Elizabeth @ 8 Months

This girl is growing like a weed! We love her chub, sweet personality, smiles and easy going nature!
Happy 8 Months Little Lady
She loves her 2 fingers! They are in her mouth constantly!
She loves sleep! She usually sleeps from 11 to 12 hours at night going to bed around 8 or 9 and waking up about 8. You usually take 3 naps a day that range from 2 to 3 hours!
You always wake up so happy!
She eats every 3 hours, sometimes longer if sleeping! 5 oz. bottle in the morning, the 3 middle feedings had either a fruit or veggie plus a bottle and the last feeding is 2 oz. of cereal and a bottle. You love food!
She is starting to finally crawl but it is an army crawl and it's slow!
She loves to clap! She says "da da da," "Muma," and "Hi Dada."
She sticks her tongue out, sometimes blows spit bubbles and she jabbers all the time!
She is petrified of Moana the barbie doll!
She loves Alaina!
She especially likes Mom, baths, eating, sleeping and playing with new toys!
She loves being outside, watching everything around her, getting sung too by everyone when she wakes up and being happy!
She hates getting dressed, getting lotion on, not getting enough sleep and getting her diaper changed!
She loves her new Christmas toys, the food truck and the puppy with blocks!
She loves being tickled by Mom and playing peek-a-boo with a blanket as I lay you down to sleep!
She is starting to eat table foods, bread, potatoes and pasta! She always makes yummy noises when she eats by spoon!
She is starting to use her pincher fingers to grab food off her tray to eat!
She loves copying things we say more and more!
She is waving bye bye!
She wore her first pair of shoes this month! Ones that finally stayed on your feet!
Always so happy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Owen Gunnar - December

Hanging out at the basketball game!
Reading on the kitchen table!
He fell asleep like this!
Enjoying time under the tree!
Made a Christmas craft, reindeer candy cane!
He was obsessed with this puppy!
He loves Mom, playing, being outside, teasing others and being with the big kids!

Baylee Lou - December

Playing at the dinosaur park!
She is obsessed with her art desk! She spends so much time here!
You can always tell when she is tired she gets whiney, mean and naughty!
She loves her baby sister, Camille, she loves doing things for herself, she loves doing everything Carter does, she loves coloring, she loves dancing and loves new clothes and shoes!

Carter McKay - December

Carter lost his second tooth this month!
The one behind it was basically half way up!
He loves school, reading, playing and imagining!
He had his school Christmas concert and he did amazing! It is so fun to watch him!
He is super excited for Christmas and couldn't be more off the walls about it!

Brother/Sister Love - Oct.-Dec.

Hanging with Uncle Isaac, taking selfies!
Morning snuggles with Dad
Picking Pumpkins
Outside dance party!
Lots of pumpkins!
Lego party!
Carter reading books to Camille
Owen jumped in bed with Camille!
Baylee playing with Camille
These two are always chilling with each other!
I love when they all play so nicely together!
Making treats with Gram!
Park fun!
These two are my little snugglers!
Camille trying to steal Owen's binky!
Watching morning shows!
Hotel swimming!
Park fun!
More show watching!
Swinging on the dinosaur  bike rack!
Hanging out under the waterfall!
Roasting marshmallows!
Getting Camille from her nap! She always wakes up so happy!
Dress up!
Morning snuggles with Camille are a favorite thing around our house!
Carter loves to read and the kids love listening to him read!
Holding puppies!
Waiting for lunch!
Hot Chocolate
Ice Cream
Friday Movie Night
Evenings spent by the light of the tree!
Snowman pancakes!
Sleepover under the Christmas tree!
Game night at Grandma's, pin the heart on the Grinch!
Sleepover and movie night upstairs!
Baylee is obsessed with Camille
Snuggling with puppies!
Playtime at Grandma's!
Popcorn on the porch with cousins!
Reading books with cousins!
Love these 2 girls!
Gator rides!
Playing a little soccer!
More bedtime snuggles!
Quick bath means everyone in at once!
Seriously we can't keep Baylee away from her!
Putting up decorations!