Monday, April 23, 2018

Camille Elizabeth @ 7 Months

This girl is getting big fast! I can't believe she is 7 months old!
We love her chubby legs!
She loves to be outside!
She absolutely loves sleep! She usually takes 3 naps a day and she goes to bed anywhere from 8 to 9 and wake up anywhere from 7 to 8, honestly if she isn't asleep by 8 she is pretty ticked!
She always wakes up this happy!
Love this sweet face!
She eats 5X a day, every 3 hours! All 5 feedings she gets 5 oz. of milk and the middle 3 feedings are veggies and fruit!
She loves food!
She clicks her tongue, she screams, she jibber-jabbers, she says Mom and Dad, claps, move wrists up and down fast, she flexes her arms and legs out!
She twists in circles on her belly and mimics sounds we try and make! 
She likes the play car, anything that makes noise or that you can hold! She likes being tickled, baths, Mom, watching basketball, sleeping and eating!
Such a beautiful smile!
She really dislikes getting dressed, not getting enough sleep, when Mom walks away or when your siblings bug or hurt you!
She loves splashing in the tub, playing in the blue car and us singing "Good Morning" to you every time you wake up!
Loves sitting with Mom!
She is learning to wave goodbye and Hi!
She loves grandma!
She loves her feet and being silly!
Maybe crawling by the end of the month but you don't show any interest!
She loves naps upstairs!
She holds her own bottle!
Loves playing with her cousin Stockton!
Loves playing with toys in the living room!
Hanging out while the kids play at the park!
Loves to make everyone laugh!
Loves this blue car!
Trying to kiss the balloon puppy!
Bedtime cutie!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Owen Gunnar - November

This kid is full of life! He is chill, loves food and eats anything! He loves playing what Carter does, he loves superheros and playing good guys bad guys! He has no fear!
Playing with his trains!
Taking a rest while we watch Carter's basketball game!
He gives the best snuggles and loves and never turns me down when I ask for them!
He loves wrestling with Dad!
He drinks a ton! Non stop all day! Whatever drink he can find he will start drinking it!
Holding a snake!
Loves going to the library!
Owen and Ellie have a friend/enemy relationship!
He was running upstairs in my Mom's house and tripped and his head landed right on the corner of the futon!
We headed to the clinic, met the doctor and went to get him stitched up!
There was blood all over Owen and I!
Trying to calm him down!
Poor kid! We had to borrow sisters binky to help calm him down so we could try and clean it up!
Big gash
So they injected the lidocaine but it didn't help numb it, so they tried again and he still could feel everything! It was so hard to watch them put the 4 stitches in!
He was brave and did awesome!
Picking on Dad
Loves sitting in Grandpa's seat!
Playing games!
Our TV buddy, watches TV with us after all the other kids have gone to bed!
Love his happy, goofy attitude and love his huge smile!

Baylee Lou - November

This girl loves dance, treats, playing outside, playing with her cousins, and singing! She is sweet and sassy! She loves dance parties and doing anything Carter can! She loves babies, baby animals and being Mom's big helper!
Love this cheeser!
Holding puppies!
Always giving good smiles and a pose!
She will do just about anything to get a treat!
Loves to watch movies and shows!
She loves school and her friends!
Such a cutie!